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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
5:54 pm
No more nosy neighbors!

Current Mood: complacent
5:03 pm
Some birthday embarassment
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
You look like a Pikmin
And you smell like one, too!

Happy birthday, PikminLiiiiiink! *Throws confetti*

I even brought a keg! Anyone know where I can fill it up? oO;
2:01 am
Bad Smidgie! No cookie!
I started modding Sebastian. I took off his faceup and sofar, I've sanded one cheek, his chin, his bottom lip, and his nose, which I really like. I need to restructure the upper lip and smooth the other cheek, then go over everything with a finer grit of sandpaper to smooth any marks and he should be done. I'm excited to see him with a faceup. :3 I'm trying to keep the crevice of his lips undisturbed because I like his little NaNuRi smirk, but nothing's certain. Modding is fun. ^_^ I oughtta make him vampire fangs! Anyone ever seen a NaNuRi vampire? I could be the first! :D
Monday, November 6th, 2006
11:52 pm
Smidge's new business venture! :3

Smidgie let her creative juices flow. :3

Also, to my Chikins: Jannie-butt said I could borrow her LoTR DVDs. Is there any way either of you could find them and I could grab them tomorrow after I go into my car appointment at 1:00? I want to be able to keep up with her Jannie-babble, so I must do me some research. :3 I was ordered to watch nothing less than the extended versions. ^_____^ Also; I was in the MonsterMart nail salon with Momiji and a techno song came on with - I kid you not - chicken clucking as the main sound effect. I pictired four little Chikins clucking at a dance club. XDDD

Current Mood: Perky
2:35 am
Thinking thinky thoughts.
I've been drawing for, like, hours. I now have detailed reference art for three of the main characters, one of which hasn't been addressed in what little of the story I have posted sofar. But that one happened to turn out the cutest. :3 I haven't sat down to draw in months. I missed it so. ^^ But I can't find my good outlining pens so I can color my sketches. >.>

Anyway. I have to have background noise so I've had G4 on in the background and Attack of the Show! just came on. They just had a debate about goldfarming in MMORPGs. For those who don't know, goldfarming = paying someone to level up your character. I personally just think it's lazy, and I wonder why someone would pay to play a video game just to have someone else actually play it. But they just showed damning evidence that some of the people being paid to do this are doing so in sweatshop-like conditions overseas and living off of this.

The debate was between a Blizzard representative (World of Warcraft) and a guy that happens to be a goldfarmer himself (Not running a sweatshop or anything. He just does the game playing himself and accepts the money). It was actually really interesting and now I have gone from being disappointed in my fellow gamers for paying someone else to downright hating the idea. Cheating in single-player games is a given. But cheating in a MMORPG just seems low. People should be able to enjoy their gameplay without having to try and compete with some levelled up hunk of awesomeness being controlled by some n00b with too much money and no conscience. But that's my two pesos. Thoughts?

Current Mood: Thoughtful (OW.)
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
1:53 am
So Glen suddenly wants to be my friend again. He's got this pathetic, hurt tone to every message he sends and it sounds like he STIIIIILL wants me back (We broke up, liek, months or a year ago, yo.). Well, he lied to my face but swoooore he loved me, so... I think he can just bugger off. I'm finding less of a use for men every day. I'm barely in charge of myself, nonetheless a boyfriend. Boys have cooties. It's official.

Oh, he also waltzed up to me in the electronics department in MonsterMart today while I was in the middle of talking to my buddy, Chris Redfern (the one guy friend who never tried to get in my pants). And some... unsettling smell came with him. I don't want to accuse anyone of enjoying particularly organic activities when I've never so much as smelled pot smoke, so I dunno if that was it, but he definitely smelled like something that did not involve shampoo, soap, or manly-smelling foo-foo juice. I took my leave quickly and proceeded to get the hell outta dodge, as it were, which was just fine because I needed to get back to the radio station to pick up mom, anyway. So, long story short, I was just fine with the relative nonixestence he had in my life before. But in a few weeks, I'll be outta Nevada and he'll be outta my damn life. So, yeah. Now then. Off to do the NaNo dance. :D *Scuttles off to finally poke her story*
Saturday, November 4th, 2006
11:46 pm
Smidge's immense intellect strikes again
Hey, Chikins. Guess what? I gave you my photo ID's and the overnight express envelope, but... I left my apps in my purse and realized it after I got home. Let me know whether you want me to come in tonight (I'm willing if you are.). However, it wouldn't do any good to drop the mail tomorrow, being Sunday and all, so our other option is for me to bring them in tomorrow before either of you go to work. Our other OTHER option is for me to bring them in eeeearly Monday morning when I take Roxy in and, day, leave them in your door in an envelope or shove them under the door. Let me know what you chickadees prefer, I'm good with anything you choose. :D
9:44 pm
Fucking quitter
I emailed mny financial adviser at the art insititute. I think I'm going to drop out and wait a year, which is when I had planned to enroll in the first place. I went from requesting information to enrollen in the span of two weeks, and with my life as it is, I am in no way ready for this kind of a commitment. So I'm seeing what kind of repercussions I will face. If I'm going to do more harm and good, I'll stay, but probably not be happy with it. True, I'll get my degree faster and get to the fun classes sooner, but for the first part I won't be too stoked. Two weeks is very short notice to commit $16,000 I don't have.

I just feel horrible because I've never dropped out of anything in my life. Not highschool, not GC... I only stopped attending GBC because I'm moving. I feel like a failure.

Current Mood: Pissed off
12:38 pm
Holy shnit, I found the interwebs! O:
I am now reporting live from my new wireless laptop card! No more cords for meeee! XD Now I can keep Kakashi in my room and have a quiet place to do my homework. Yay... :D Now I just need to get my other files off of all the other computers... x_X; But yay! Wireless interweeeebs! *Final Fantasy victory fanfare*

On the agenda for today:

Talk to Budget truck guys
Give applications and moneys to the Chikins
Go to class
Smooch kitty (Always XD)
Look at BDay gift for Momiji
Send off cards for other peopleses
Grab fooood x_X;
Smack Michael Eli around and get Squall back (He may be at work today)
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
11:49 pm
Big day ^0^
Echo had a busy day today! Let's see... *Recounts all the horrid things Echo let her do to him* I separated his widdle toesies...

Echo: Lookit my toes! *Wiggle wiggle* I couldn't do that before! ^_^

Smidge: Aaaand... he got a baaaath...

Echo: *Rubs a finger on his arm* Squeakiesqueak! Nice and clean! And I smell like... *Reads dish soap bottle nearby* an apple blossom? Meh. A manly apple blossom. :D

Smidge: Aaaand I sueded his joints with hot gluuuue...

Echo: Momma's hot glue gun smells like burnt fish sticks. XD

Smidge: That's my mom's. It's older than me and I was desperate. My nice little glue gun is packed in a box somewhere. >.>

Echo: Whatever. But look! *Holds up a heavy spoon with one hand* Tadaaaa!

Smidge: *Grin* And Athan got some modding, too. XD

Athan: *Blushes* ((Please, no need to tell them...))

Smidge: I just put hot glue in your hip joints, ya big weenie!

Athan: ((But I had my legs over my head with no pants on. Right in the kitchen in plain view! I looked like a baby getting his diaper changed. ;-;))

Smidge: *Shrug* He's so shy. I covered 'im with a towel. Yeesh. I don't think he'll ever come out of his shell.

Athan: ((That's what YOU think...)) *Blushes again*

Smidge: ?

Echo: *Yawn* K'I go to bed, momma?

Smidge: *Grabs both boys and heads to her room* Sure thing, tiger. Thanks for letting mommy do awful things to you in the name of practice. XD

Echo: *Yawns again, eyelids drooping* 'Course, momma. I don't mind, long as I still got all my parts when you're done. *Burrows his face into Smidge's shirt*

Smidge: I'll try. ^_^;

Athan: ((Thankfully I'm French resin and she doesn't work with that very often, so I'm safe from her evil whims...))

Smidge: Hey, Athan. How's about mom pierces yer nipples tomorrow? XDDD *Looks at Echo, hoping for a giggle from the word 'nipple', which is usually a given*

Echo: *Already fast asleep* Zzzzz...

Smidge: *Shrug* It was worth a shot. Don't worry, Athan. Mom was just - *Sees that Athan has fainted and is now hanging over her arm* *Snort* You lightweight. XD

Current Mood: StOoPiD
7:37 pm
My humble progress
Here's my humble story sofar! :3
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11:25 am
Wii are fa-muh-lee!
Someone Phoenix Down'ed the nav bars! Hooray! :D

In other news, I've hit about 2000 words on my story. I was going to post a piece but my other computer dun gone retarded, so I'm on Navi (old laptop) now. Speaking of annoying fairies... I've been looking everywhere for pwiiorders but to no avail. So I gave my email to about a dozen gaming sites in the feeble hope or getting a Wii confirmed in my name. Thankfully Elko is small so if I camp but I should get one anyway, but I still want to be sure. Yeah, yeah, first gen consoles are always full of bugs, yadda yadda yadda. My DS was first gen and I haven't had any problems. So was my 64. Nintendo done right by me, as they say, so I trust the Wii to be no different. Plus, I always keep te wiiceipts to games and consoles, so I can always wiiturn it. EBGames ran out of pwiiorders for LoZ:TP, but several other sites are still offering it. Judging by how many copies of FFXII WalMart had, I think I'll be okay on that, too, but I pwiifer to get it at KMart. Smidge will be utterly ignoring of all human life once she gets her new toy (Except to make Momiji play wiith me) So I have to slink out of my room on the 22nd for Momiji's birthday, but other than that (and NaNoWiiMo), don't expect me to be too... well, let's just say the Wii will have cast Zombie on Smidge. ^^; Rayman: Raving Rabbids looks pretty fun, too. O wise Nintendo gods, why must ye mock mii? ;-;
Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
3:59 pm
You see that little icon there? Yeah. I did it. I sold my November to NaNo. *Headwall*
11:50 am
So everybody and their mom (and mine) are doing NaNo. I have a story I'd love to write out... and since my Chikins are doing it, too, I'd have support. *Groan* All riiiiight. I'll join. oo;

So, president Dubya will be here in Elko today. Anytone wanna go with me to egg the White House? XD

The NaNo meetup kind of only included us Chikins, but it was an excuse for a small road trip out of the house, so I'm good. We even had out dolls lavished with attention. :D I gave the Chikins their birthday cards and they liked them. I'm happy. :3

I need Mountain Dew. xX;
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
11:48 am
Happy after Halloween!
Our house got two small groups of ToT'ers. We have a looooong driveway and we're the spooky house on the hill, so we weren't too popular. But there was a little toddler boy in a fuzzy lion costume and I just wanted to keep 'im! So cute. *_* Link and Mr. Incredible (And two friends XD) tore up Elko until the wee hours. :3 Gooood stuff. I see my whole friends list (or darn close) is doing NaNo. Good luck to all of you! I have a story I'd like to do, but it needs a lot of work first, and November is going to be hectic enough with the move. *_*

And happy birthday to all fifty bazillion November birthday people out there. There are too many of you to list. x____X; But I'll let you in on a secret. For Momiji's birthday, I found this Roxy dog carrier (The surfwear brand), and since she named her dog Roxy (gee, wonder why.), I want to get it for her. My little sister is going to be 18! *Wail* Roxy is currently trying to beat up our yellow lab, Daisy, through the sliding glass door. Not working. XD We have so many pets. @_@; I can't wait to have my kitty with me in Bellingwa. She fell asleep on my face last night. At least, that's what I assume, because my face was smothered in white and brown fur. oO; *Ptooey*

If you'll excuse me, Roxy seems to think my cat is a chew-toy and needs to be dealt with... xX;
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
7:46 pm
Mr. Meaty = CRACK. Just so you know.
4:39 pm
Feat your eyes, beeyotches! XD
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3:14 pm
My dad has landed safely in California! :D And my cousin Kevin, who also works for Nike (my uncle Gary that works for Nike is Kevin's dad :3 ) is there on business so Dad gets to hang out with him. So life is good.

I want to wear Link but my tights suck and I don't have spirit gum for my ears. I'm thinking rubber cement might work. Any ideas?
1:45 pm
Halloween Meme!
Here's a fun Halloween Meme! You comment to me and say Trick or Treat and tell me what costume you're 'wearing' or post a picture of a person/group/animal in funny costumes, and I tell you some weird item I drop in your goodie bag! Extra fun prizes for creative costumes. :D

Go Go Go!

Also... someone is selling Volks' Magical Michael on DOA. The catch is that she wants almost $200 more for him than he costs on the site. oO; GRAAAAR! ;-;
9:45 am
Smidge went to bed at 2 am, right? Dad comes in at 6 am and tells me "You need to run me to the airport in half an hour, kay?"


I wish he had told me last night so I would have gone to bed at a decent hour. o_o; But anyway, he's on the way to Vacaville, CA for a court hearing for Newmont. He'll be back tomorrow night. But now I'm stuck awake since 6... @____@;; I need fooooood.

By the way, Mr. Krabs looks disgusting out of his shell. oO;; Don't ask me how I know.

Happy Halloweeeen! The greatest day of the year... *Dreamy-eyed* My Squall-chibi is coming over in costume and I'm going to throw Link on and we're getting pics. I'm exciiiiited. :D Squall and Link will defend t3h universe! XD
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